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that oval tray no. 3

that oval tray no. 3

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One of a kind handmade concrete tray! Each tray is unique, no two are exactly alike!


* These trays are NOT sealed. For decorative purposes only. Do not use as soap dish.

+ 3.9" x 7.3"

+ concrete

+ clear bumpers for soft placement

Phone/computer screen settings may cause colors to look slightly different.

Care Instructions

Polymer clay is very lightweight and durable/pliable. Like any earrings, please treat them with gentle care. Breaking should not occur, but on the off chance it does, please contact me. 

To remove makeup: gently use a cotton ball or Q-tip with acetone nail polish remover.

Highly recommend not to wear clay earrings during shower/bath and/or swimming etc

Avoid direct contact with creams and perfumes.

Do not expose to high temperature for long periods of time.


Love the style/product, but want a different color? Would you like this style made as clip-ons? Please contact me here before purchasing to confirm customization!

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